Any person age 12-18 is eligible to receive a Chemical Dependency Assessment. It is possible to service clients up to age 21 if they are enrolled in an academic setting.


Upon completion of a Chemical Dependency Assessment, the client may be referred to Non-dependent/Abusive, or Chemically Dependent. Under these two classifications there are specific approaches into helping the adolescent better their well-being.

   • Intake

   • Screening

   • Assessments

   • Referrals

   • Outpatient

   • Prevention / Intervention

   • Continuum of Care



The following documents are needed:


   • Social Security Card

   • Tribal Enrollment Form

   • Birth Certificate

   • Immunization Record

   • Current TB Test

   • Medicaid Card (if eligible)


Non-dependent or Abusive clients referred to:


A. Intervention/Prevention offered once a week at the Crystal Creek Lodge.

B. Alcohol/Drug Classes offered at:

1. Crystal Creek Lodge during the summer

2. At the school during the year (Insight)

C. Mental Health Services

D. Other


Chemically Dependent:


Will be referred to Inpatient Residential Treatment

A. It is helpful to have Private Insurance or Medicaid if:

1. Expected cost of client's treatment will exceed $6,000

2. Expected duration of client's treatment will exceed 30 days

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