Since 1988, Crystal Creek Lodge offers Outpatient Services to both Adults and Adolescents. Please read the "Adolescents" section to review a description of our Adolescent Outpatient Services.

Our adult Intensive Outpatient Program is nonresidential and provides clinical and educational services to clients and family members. This twelve-week program assists clients with integrating skills and insights gained through therapy into daily life and an ongoing twelve step program. A minimum of nine hours per week are required for each patient.


Continuum of care services are available to all clients. The goal of continuum of care is to assist clients in recognizing past patterns and making positive modifications of behavior, feelings, and values. We emphasize the application of what was learned during treatment to life situations as a means of maintaining sobriety and facilitating personal growth. The program is twelve weeks.

The matrix of methamphetamines is also being implemented. Relapse prevention, anger management, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and domestic violence is part of this program.


A custom Continuum of Care program is developed for each client and includes weekly group meetings and one-to-one sessions covering a variety of topics such as Steps 6-12, relapse prevention, and personal issues. Clients are encouraged to have at least one counseling session every three weeks and one weekly group or lecture for the first six months of sobriety. These services are available to clients for an indefinite period of time.

Evening sessions are available for clients unable to attend weekday sessions.

Crystal Creek Lodge holds licenses granted by the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services

Crystal Creek Lodge is funder by Indian Health Service